Haofan Wang

Computer Vision Engineer
Work Email: wanghaofan (at) kuaishou.com
School Email: haofanw (at) alumni.cmu.edu
Personal Email: haofanwang.ai (at) gmail.com
Research Interests
  • Computer Vision
  • Multimodal Learning
  • Self-Supervised Learning
  • Visual Reasoning and Graph Knowledge

Haofan Wang (王浩帆) is a computer vision engineer at MMU of Kuaishou Technology, supervised by Dr. Debing Zhang on multi-modal retrieval. Before joined Kuaishou, he graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in December 2020, advised by Dr. Piotr (Peter) Mardziel. Previously, he worked as a research intern with Prof. Bernard Ghanem at KAUST (2020 Summer) and Prof. Xia (Ben) Hu at Texas A&M University (2019 Summer). He obtained undergraduate degree from Dalian Maritime University in June 2019 and exchanged at UC Berkeley (worked at RISE Lab, Clipper Group) in 2017 Fall. He also spent time at OpenMined, RealAI, Everspry, Horizon Robotics and Institute of Software Chinese Academy of Sciences.

I am open to research discussion or collaboration. Please drop me an email via haofanwang.ai@gmail.com if you’re interested.

  • [06/2021]: One abstracts is accepted to RCV workshop at CVPR 2021!
  • [11/2020]: One paper is accepted to SpicyFL workshop at NeurIPS 2020!
  • [09/2020]: One paper accepted to NeurIPS 2020!
  • [04/2020]: One paper accepted to TCV workshop at CVPR 2020!
  • Publications
    Rakshit Naidu, Aman Priyanshu, Aadith Kumar, Sasikanth Kotti, Haofan Wang*, Fatemehsadat Mireshghallah
    Responsible Computer Vision workshop at CVPR 2021, Poster
    [Paper] [Poster]
    Tushar Semwal, Haofan Wang*, Chinnakotla Krishna Teja Reddy.
    NeurIPS-SpicyFL 2020, Poster
    Zifan Wang, Haofan Wang*, Shakul Ramkumar, Matt Fredrikson, Piotr Mardziel, and Anupam Datta
    NeurIPS 2020, Poster
    [Paper] [Poster] [Code] [Citation: 4]
    Haofan Wang*, Zifan Wang, Mengnan Du, Fan Yang, Zijian Zhang, Sirui Ding, Piotr Mardziel and Xia (Ben) Hu
    IEEE CVPR 2020 Workshop on Fair, Data Efficient and Trusted Computer Vision
    [Project Page] [Paper] [Slides] [News] [Citation: 104]
    Haofan Wang*, Zhenghua Chen, and Yi Zhou,
    ArXiv 1901.06778
    [Project Page] [Paper] [Citation: 4]
  • [06/2021] MMU, Kuaishou. An Overview of Large Scale Pre-Training
  • Teaching
  • TA of 18-793 Image and Video Processing, Summer 2020, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Services
  • Conference Reviewer: NeurIPS'21, ICLR'22